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VisualBible21 Japanese NIT+TEV

19.2 usd

We set the Today's English Version (TEV or GNT/GNB) (English) and Japanese New Interconfessional Translation Bible (Japanese) in one system. We support the same function as PC version of Visual Bible 21 on the smartphone. Main feature is - Reading Aloud / Reading of vertical screen (written from top to bottom) in a relaxed atmosphere / Not only app but you can use VB21 ON-LINE SITE! / Real book of New Testament (available for Online) / Reading record / High speed search / Bookmark / Underline / Marker pen / Notes (You can name and save each data) / Online game BIBLE MASTER...and others. 4 colors of Marker pen are supported and you can mark entire or part of the section. You can underline and record notes on sections as much as you want. In Scriptures Guides, you can better understand the Bible along with photos and paintings in excess of 1,000. All illustrations of Dore famous illustrator of the Bible are completely included. (More than 1000 illustrations and other images are only visible on Online.) You can study scripture enjoying the game BIBLE MASTER. Compete the ranking on online and have a nice time! It is not only readable Bible, but also watchable, writable, and enjoyable Bible. One-handed operation is OK for the basic operation! We provide the light works and support your comfortable Bible Life. Let's get a notch better Visual Bible 21 on your android!(This is the Japanese version)[Lineup]System1: Bible colloquial Japanese / Japanese VersionSystem15: Colloquial Japanese + King James Version / Japanese VersionSystem2: Japanese New Interconfessional Translation Bible / Japanese VersionSystem26: Japanese New Interconfessional + Today's English Version / Japanese VersionSystem5: King James Version / English VersionSystem6: Good News Translation (GNT or GNB/TEV) / English VersionSystem7: World English Bible / English VersionSystem8: American Standard Version / English VersionSystem56:KJV + GNT / English VersionSystem57:KJV + WEB / English VersionSystem58:KJV + ASV / English Version